Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Press Release

Greetings! Please click here to view initial press release for Tonys Stocking!


  1. Received this e-mail from Sandy King Carpenter (film director/producer)
    Sorry I haven't written or posted anything yet. All 250 of the boxes were filled to the brim with CDs and DVDs and comic books and shampoo, conditioner, dental floss, playing cards, coffee, soup, trail mix and candy and cookies, etc. Almost all of them have PERSONAL Christmas cards included. (I think the last 50 or so ran out)
    About 75 boxes were adopted out at the party and went home to be mailed on Monday, another 100 or so were sent out from our office the next day. We're still boxing up the rest now and will be sent out on Friday.I'll send you pictures from the tea as soon as I get everything in the mail. By the way, the post office in West Hollywood was really into the stocking boxes and peple in line loved them too.
    The Black Eyed Peas sent us 25 CDs and Robbie Robertson is in for next year again. Joanna Cassidy said she'd do it again as did Mary Page Keller and the 99 cent store is now more on board. This year we finally got the dental floss and playing cards from them.
    There shold be a steady stream of stockings in Afghanistan and Iraq soon!

  2. E-mail from Trina L. in Rocklin, Ca.
    I just mailed a stocking to one of my friends that won't be here for Christmas, and what did I just get in this afternoons' mail? Your Stocking! Thank you!! The cranberry munch is awsome-it was so festive to open the stocking, thank you!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Received stocking and was very excited about it. I'm keeping it on my bookcase for everyone to see. Everyone who visits thinks that it's nice and very special. It came through the mail in wonderful condition.
    Mary L. from Independence, OR