Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just-in-Time for Christmas...

Stockings from Storm King Productions filled the mail room at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan on the 24th... Just in time for Christmas!

Loading up the vehicle to distribute the stockings... First wave!

Prepping & loading the vehicle for wave #2 of stocking deliveries!

Ready to go!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tonys Stocking at Ali Air Base, Iraq

Thanks to the assistance of MSgt Danny Gallagher, Tonys Stocking made it all the way to Ali Air Base, Iraq. Thanks to those at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, M.O.Ms of Santa Rosa, Randy Furhman Events and Storm King Productions for your continuous effort to bring cheer to others and your support of those who serve!

Passing on "Thanks" from the Service Men & Women of Ali Air Base...

Good Afternoon,

Thank you so much for taking your time to send those boxes. It
means so much to us to know that people back home are thinking of us. I hope you have a great holiday. Thank you again!

SrA Nikki Simpson, USAF



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the stocking. I really appreciate it, especially the little Etch A Sketch-yay. It really has brighten up my day. Thank you again so much.

Thank you,


SrA Brandy Smalls, USAF


I would like to take this opportunity to send my sincerest thanks to Cathy Staller and her group for the Stocking that I received from them. They are very kind to have thought enough of us to take the time to pack those stockings and send them over to us. What a wonderful surprise it was, I must say that I’m having fun with some of the silly things that I found in mine. More than that though, it lets me know that good people are thinking of us, and that makes our Christmas away from home, much brighter. Please pass on my sincerest thanks, and to have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

MSgt Steve M. Felts, USAF


Dear Ms. Lisa Smith from Petaluma Valley Athletic Club:

I was the recipient of a package you sent with lots of goodies in it
(which I will share with my coworkers), and wanted to let you know it
did make me smile as you said you hoped on the letter you sent with it. It was really nice of you to show us your support by taking your time and go buy stuff that we will use. I also wanted to thank you for your prayers. By the way it is my pleasure to be a member of the U.S armed forces and serve our country. Thank you again for your support.

A1C Erick Chavarria, USAF


I just to send you a thank you for the box. I love everything. It
means so much to get a package from people that don't even know you.
Will you please thank Bob and Ellen Bartel from Petaluma, CA? That
would mean so much to me. I know all of us appreciate people taking
that extra time to send us little things and help us feel confident that people really do care about what we are doing. Once again thank you. I
wish you Happy Holidays!


SrA Dana Delgado, USAF


Petaluma Valley Athletic Club,

Thank you so much for the Christmas packages that you sent to my
unit. It is really nice to know that people support what we are doing
here in Iraq and care enough to send us presents for the holidays. The
little travel size games were perfect for our travel back to the states. All the snacks are going to be perfect in the middle of the night when I wake up hungry. Thank you again for the package and all the support, everything you do I really appreciated!

SrA Danielle Gougler, USAF


Thank you for the wonderful support you all provided to the personnel
assigned in our unit. As Force Support we are traditionally the ones
going out and providing morale for everyone else. It is nice to get it
turned around on us sometimes.

I received mine from Petaluma Valley Athletic Club. Please pass along
my sincere thanks. Thanks again for taking care of us.


MSgt Jeffrey Thomas, USAF


I would like to say Thank You for the kindness you have shown by sending a care package to me. The items are greatly appreciated and knowing that we're in someones thought makes it easier for us to be here. I hope the Holiday season finds you and yours Happy and Well and that the Joy of the season stays with you through out the New Year.

Again Thank You for the Stocking Box.

MSgt Danny H Gallag

Christmas at Ali Air Base, Iraq...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tonys Stocking at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

Tonys Stocking brings holiday cheer to Service Men and Women in Afghanistan! Special thanks to Petaluma Valley Athletic Club & M.O.Ms of Santa Rosa, CA for your continued support!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Press Release

Greetings! Please click here to view initial press release for Tonys Stocking!